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Sep 2nd

Symptoms of Anemia and what Ayurveda can do to help.

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Anemia, a word with latin descent, literally means “absence of blood”. In the medical world, anemia is a condition where the body has a significantly low amount of red blood cells compared to the normal requirement of the body.¬†Most women that suffer from anemia are in their teenage years or are undergoing pregnancy. Anemia presents severe complications with conceiving for pregnant women. Anemia can also cause hemorrhage or excessive internal bleeding due to extreme loss of blood and poor generation of red blood cells. Anemic patients suffering through such circumstances have sufficient fluids in the body but are deficient in oxygen carrying red blood cells.

So how can Ayurveda play a role in alleviating anemic patients?

Researchers agree that many solutions available in Ayurvedic scriptures are effective in treating anemia. Ancient ayurvedic medicine suggests that a symptom of anemia is loss of natural color of the skin and a whitish appearance on skin, nails, tongue, and eyes. The anemic patient may appear lethargic, flaccid, and exhausted.

The classification of anemia in ayurvedic medicine is based on the doshas. There are five basic types of anemia- Vata dominant, Pitta dominant, Kapha dominant, all three humors, and soil eating related anemia. Treatment must be customized for each type of anemia. The following principles dictate ayurvedic anemia treatment:

– Avoidance of all anemia-causing dietary, lifestyle, and emotional factors

– *Panchkarma purification therapy: Internal oleation followed by induced purgation.

– Diet and herbs in anemia treatment should be in accordance with the affected bodily humors

*By doing panchkarma purification first, the efficacy of herbs is increased in treatment

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