Principles of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an ancient healthcare system of mankind.  It originatied in India, and is now practiced all over the world, The word Ayurveda means science of life. Ayur means “life” and Veda means “science”

Ayurveda adopts a very natural way of protecting our health through herbal supplements and has a unique detoxification process called Pancha-karma, which cleanses and rejuvenates the body, mind, and spirit.


Like any Indian contemporary science, Ayurveda is based on this theory (also known as Panch Mahabhutas). It explains the reasoning behind our body and the worlds necessity to be in harmony. All living and non living things in this world are made up of the five elements.



1) Space (Akasha)

2) Air (Vayu)

3) Fire (Agni)

4) Water (Jala)

5) Earth (Pritvi)

The functional aspect of the body is governed by Tri Dosha (Biological humours/energies). All qualities of the three Doshas are embedded in seven physical elements, Dhatus (Lymph, Blood, muscles, face, bones, marrow and sex hormones/secretions), and three metabolic body wastes, malas (Faecal matters, mutra, and sweda).

1) Vata

2) Pitta

3) Kapha

  Vata: All movements of our body and inside our body are carried out by Vata energy. These include movements of the muscles, movement of food through our digestive tract and movement of the blood through the blood vessels. The elements Ether and Air (Akasha and Vayu) make up Vata. The qualities of dryness, roughness, coldness, mobility, clarity and astrigent tastes make up Vata.​

  Pitta: Our digestion, bio transformation of the digested food and the factors responsible for our metabolism are carried out by Pitta energy. The seats of Pitta are in the digestive system, skin, eyes, brain, lymph, liver, spleen and blood. Presence of Pitta is evident through our body temperature. The elements Fire and Water (Agni and Jala) make up Pitta. The qualities of hotness, sharpness, lightness, liquidity, sourness, oiliness and fast spreading nature make up Pitta.

Kapha: All of the oily factors of  our body refer to Kapha such as, fat tissue, lubricating fluids like Synovial fluid in Joints and  the mucous secretions in the digestive system and respiratory system. The elements Water and Earth (Jala and Prithvi) make up Kapha. The qualities of heavyness, slow movement, oiliness, liquidity, thickness and densitymake up Kapha.