Panchakarma & Detox

To get the highest benefit, Ayurveda recommends taking a Panchakarma detox treatment for 7,9, 11,21 or 24 days.

Abhayangam Therapy/Herbal Oil Body Treatments


2) Abhyangam therapy for full body with Ayurvedic harbal oil . 60 minutes /session: $99  

Nasyam/ENT Rejuvenation Therapy


One of the important Panchakarma therapy , Steam inhalation and Ayurvedic herbal nasal drops to melt and relieve of mucus from Sinus passage.  *Minimum three session required to buy.

Nasyam (As a local therapy), 40 minits minutes:69.95

Shirodhara/Stress Buster Therapy

stress treatment

Shirodhara is an ancient relaxing and Stress Buster therapy  that involves gently pouring warm oil or herbal medicated milk over the forehead for a certain period of time.

Shirodahara  As a local therapy with herbal oil, 40 minutes: $89.00,( minimum 3 sessions required to buy)

Potili/Kizhi/Muscular Pain Therapy


Potili is small herbal pouch (poultice) made of various herbs which are warmed in medicated oils. They are used to treat the  specific areas like the back or neck, shoulders or  hands and joints.

Potli/Kizhi (As a local therapy), 40 minutes: $69.95/session,( minimum 3 sessions required to buy). 

Pizhichil/Joint & Knee Pain Therapy


This Panchakarma  therapy is  In large  quantity of Ayurvedic medicated warm oils  poured on the affected parts of the body .

Pizhichil (As a local therapy), customize  

Weight Management Therapy


Depends on  dosha imbalance in the body,treatments will design .More commonly known as powder therapy ,harbal pest & oil  abhyanga with 4 hand. Face scrub, head, nasyam treatments along with  swedana steam bath.             Recommends 14,21,&24 days treatments.

                                                    For  100 mini $239.95 /session .

Kati Vasti/Back Pain Therapy

kate vasti

The back pain treatment. Procedure involving retention of warm thick medicated oil over the lower back.

Kati Vasti/Basti , need concentration.customize.

Dhara/Skin & Neurological Therapy

treatment of chronic fatigue

Warm herbal liquid is poured all over the body & head in a rhythmic way through a special vessel. Different mediums are used in Dhara treatment .

Dhara( with medecated oil abhyanga therapy), customize  

Akshi Tarpana/Eye Rejuvenation Therapy


One of the important Panchakarma therapy for eyes which helps to improve the eyesight or other eye issues.

Akshi Tarpana  (an ad on service , $15 with any other  packages.)

Karna Purna/Ear Care Therapy

stress treatment

Special ear treatment with medicated oil. One of the important Panchakarma therapy that involves  Ayurvedic herbal ear drops to melt and relieve of mucus from ear passage.

Karna Purna (an ad on service , $15 with any other  packages.)



*Some Panchakarma treatment packages are customized after consultation with an Ayurvedic specialist.
*For Treatment pkg , ad on special oil $14.95(if needed))