The word Pancha-Karma can be broken down as follows:.

Pancha means Five and Karma means Action.
Pancha-Karma collectively means,  Five ways of Therapies to Purify our Body, Mind and Soul.
Pancha-Karma is the Ayurvedic way of cleansing and detoxifying the body, mind and spirit..

The Five procedures of Pancha-Karma are:

•  Vamana – Induced emesis.
Virechana – Induced Purging.
Kashaya Vasti – Herbal extract enema.
Taila Vasti – Oil enema.
Nasyam – Nasal cleansing.

In addition to the above 5 procedures Pancha-Karma also includes the following supplementary treatments:

Abhyangam /Uzhichil (Synchronized Ayurvedic oil massage)

Swedanam (Steam Bath)

Kizhi /Potli (Warm herbal pouch application)​

Navara Kizhi (Medicated rice poultice)

Shirodhara (Scalp shower)

Kati Vasti (Back pain treatment)

Janu Vasti (Knee Joint treatment)

Greeva Vasti (Neck pain treatment)

Pizzhichil (Oil bath)

Kshira dhara (Medicated milk shower over the scalp)

Kashaya dhara (Bath using herbal tea)

Takra dhara (Medicated butter milk shower to the head)

Lepa – Banda (Medicated paste application and bandage)

Vasti (Colon cleanse)

Kshira dhumam (Medicated steam application)

Netra Tarpanam (Eye treatment)

Tala potichil (Medicated paste application over the head)

Our body is constantly exposed to environmental changes such as the different foods, the changing seasons, toxins in the air, in the water and our ever changing lifestyles. When these factors are combined with an imperfect metabolism, an enormous amount of free radicals (toxins) are formed in our body.

To eliminate these extremely dangerous toxins (Ama) from our body, Ayurveda recommends to cleanse the entire body along with the purification of Atma (the Soul) through Yoga Meditation.

Other benefits:

Increases circulation

Reduces inflammation

Eases muscular spasms

Improves immune system

Alleviates neck and back pain

Mitigates Migraine, Sinusitis and Allergies

Relieves arthritis

Promotes good sleep

Helps weight loss

Alleviates menopausal syndrome

Alleviates psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and other skin conditions.