The Skin Problem Therapy


  • Recommended for muscular spasms and muscle weakness
  • Skin related ailments and insomnia
  • Improves overall skin health
  • Reduces skin rashes



To Get The Highest Benefit from this Therapy,

Ayurveda Recommends 7 Sessions



A warm herbal liquid is poured all over the body in a rhythmic way through special vessels.

Different mediums are used in Dhara treatment such as oil (Taila), milk (Kshira), buttermilk (Takra) & hence the names Kshira-dhara, Taila-dhara & Takra-dhara respectively.



Recommended for anyone with skin problems.



This Pachakarma massage is so relaxing that your body naturally releases the stresses which has held onto for a long period of time.

Once the stress chemicals are released, you will feel more light and fresh, in a way that allows you to work in your everyday life in a more clear and focused way.


As a local therapy                      

Dhara followed by Abhyanga and Steam Bath: 85 min. $139


“I went for my skin condition improvement; I got more than what I expected.  In addition to my condition improving within 15 days of my treatment, the doctors also corrected my ‘chronic’ lower back pain problem I have been having for last 20 years!. She was able to find exact cause to my pains and through her massage therapy completely eliminated my pain and I am now pain free and am able to jog on tread-mill at a walking rate of 4 miles an hour [which I could never do before!].  These experiences with the doctors at Divya, I am very pleased and thankful to the doctors and their staff.”

– Lakshmi Sadasivan



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