Indigestion can be described as discomfort in the abdomen following food consumption.

Symptoms of indigestion include but are not limited to bloating, nausea, heartburn, cramping, and fullness. 

Ayurveda describes digestion as a process completed by the fire of Agni in the upper part of our digestive system. Imbalance of agni is related to the tridoshas, or the vata, pitta, and kapha doshas, and each type has varying symptoms and treatments.

If not cured quickly, indigestion will build up toxins (ama) in the body. Violent indigestion can result in nausea and vomiting along with abdominal pains.

Ayurvedic abdominal massages can loosen the tight muscles and increases the blood supply to the digestive system.

NASYAM (Abhyangam Massage + Nasyam + Steam Bath)

One of the important Panchakarma therapies that involves the face and head massage with herbal oil preparations. It is followed by steam inhalation and Ayurvedic herbal nasal drops which are used to melt and relieve mucus from the sinus passage.


There are more therapies available for this problem. It is recommended to have a consultation with one of our Ayurvedic Practitioners to get more benefits for Indigestion. It could be recommended for 7, 14, & 21 days, depending on the severity.