Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition that causes a lack of vital energy and disintegration between body, mind, and spirit.

This leads to an accumulation of toxins in the mind-body system and the life force cannot flow freely.

It also affects a person’s social behavior due to irritability from feeling tired all day without any exertion.

There is no underlying cause of this problem.

Body aches, pains, stiffness, weak digestion and depression are common signs and symptoms of this condition.

Ayurvedic treatments can dissolve the accumulated toxins, thus allowing the life force to flow freely and correcting the imbalances.

K-SHIRA DHARA (Abhyangam Massage + K-Shira Dhara + Steam Bath)

Shirodhara is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic relaxing Stress therapy that involves gently pouring warm oil or herbal medicated milk over the forehead for a certain period of time.



There are more therapies available for this problem. It is recommended to have a consultation with one of our Ayurvedic Practitioners to get more benefits. It could be recommended for 7, 14, & 21 days, depending on the severity.